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1. Structure of the Official Journal

1.1. General structure

The Official Journal of the European Union consists of three series:

L series: Legislation,
C series: Information and Notices,
S series: Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union.

Official Journals of the L and C series are published daily (from Monday to Friday regularly, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays only in urgent cases).

In addition, separate issues may be published because of the size, urgency or importance of particular texts.

L series

The L series covers the following sections:

legislative acts (L I),
non-legislative acts (L II),
other acts (L III),
acts adopted before 1 December 2009 under the EC Treaty, the EU Treaty and the Euratom Treaty (L IV) (temporary section, now obsolete),

See also Section 1.2 ‘L series’.

In addition to the L series, there is an L … I series for urgent acts.

C series

The C series covers the following sections:

resolutions, recommendations and opinions (C I),
information (C II),
preparatory acts (C III),
notices (C IV),
announcements (C V),

See also Section 1.3 ‘C series’.

The C series is supplemented by the C … A, the C … E (discontinued as of 1 April 2014) and the C … I series. The ellipses represent the daily C series edition number of the same day.

C … A series (A = Annex)
This series is reserved for the publication of open competitions, vacancy notices and common catalogues (varieties of agricultural species etc.).
C … E series (E = electronic)
This series was reserved for the publication of certain texts, such as Council positions under the ordinary legislative procedure or minutes and texts adopted by the European Parliament. They are available on the EUR-Lex site (and on the monthly DVD that was produced at the time).
C … I series (I = isolated).
OJ C 137, 27.5.2010
OJ C 137 A, 27.5.2010
OJ C 137 E, 27.5.2010
OJ C 119 I, 5.4.2018

Given the number of different acts published in the C series, there is a greater variety of form (typographical presentations) than in the L series, but the rules to be complied with are the same for both.

S series

The S series (S = supplement) is for the publication of calls for tender for public contracts, along with notices from the European Development Fund and other institutions, bodies, offices and agencies. It is available on the internet (TED database) and on DVD.

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