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3.1. References to the Official Journal

Reference to the Official Journal can be made in three different ways:

Long form

The long form is: Official Journal of the European Union (in italics)

It is used:

in the text:
Two members of the Board of Appeal and two alternates shall be appointed by the Management Board of the Authority from a short-list proposed by the Commission, following a public call for expressions of interest published in the Official Journal of the European Union, and after consultation of the Board of Supervisors.
in the formula for the entry into force of an act:
This Regulation shall enter into force on the twentieth day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.
in corrigenda as a reference to the original Official Journal concerned (see also under ‘Abbreviated form’).
For publications up to and including 31 January 2003, reference should be made to the Official Journal of the European Communities.

Short form

The short form is: Official Journal (not italics)

It is used:

in footnotes as follows:
(1) See page … of this Official Journal.
(1) Not yet published in the Official Journal.
in less formal texts.

Abbreviated form

The abbreviated form is: OJ L, OJ L … I, OJ C, OJ C … A, OJ C … E (discontinued as of 1 April 2014), OJ C … I.

It is used:

in footnotes making reference to Official Journal numbers:
(1) OJ L 222, 20.8.2008, p. 1.
(1) OJ C 48 A, 24.2.2005.
in tables:
OJ L 345, 23.12.2009, p. 18
in corrigenda, the abbreviated form in brackets is used in the table of contents on the cover (see also under ‘Long form’).

Official Journal references have changed over the course of time, as new series were created:

before 1 July 1967, pagination is continuous and is followed by the last two figures of the year:
OJ 106, 30.10.1962, p. 2553/62
from 1 July 1967, every Official Journal begins at page 1:
OJ 174, 31.7.1967, p. 1
on 1 January 1968, the L and C series are created:
OJ L 32, 6.2.1968, p. 6
OJ C 1, 12.1.1968, p. 1
on 1 January 1978, the S series is created:
OJ S 1, 7.1.1978, p. 1
on 1 January 1991, the C … A series is created:
OJ C 291 A, 8.11.1991, p. 1
on 31 August 1999, the C … E series is created (discontinued as of 1 April 2014):
OJ C 247 E, 31.8.1999, p. 28
on 1 January 2016, the L … I and C … I series are created:
OJ L 11 I, 16.1.2016, p. 1
OJ C 15 I, 16.1.2016, p. 1
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