Regular MDR publication 26/09/2018


Publication NAL-20180926-0 is available. 

This regular release contains one new authority table: Public event type. Corporate body, Country, Currency, Event, File type, Frequency, Language, Multilingual, Notation type, Place, Resource type, Role qualifier, Site, Summaries of EU legislation classification, Time period, Use context and Website identifier authority tables, as well as the IMMC schema and CDM, were updated. Find out more here.


Special MDR publication 25/07/2018

Publication NAL-20180725-0 is available. 

This special release contains three new authority tables: Browser, Crawler and Website identifier. Corporate body, EU Programme and Language authority tables, as well as the IMMC schema, were updated. Find out more here.

EuroVoc 4.8

A new release of EuroVoc (4.8) is available since 30 June 2018.

Release 4.8 includes 21 new concepts and can be downloaded in XML or SKOS format. 

For more information, consult the Releases page and see the release notes.


Cellar - The semantic repository of the Publications Office

Cellar - The semantic repository of the Publications Office provides information and examples on how to access content files and metadata from the Cellar, the digital dissemination repository of the OP. This brochure is aimed mainly at reusers and companies who want to automatise their acces to OP publications. Browse it here.  

New MDR publication 20/06/2018

Publication NAL-20180620-0 is available. 

This new release contains updates of the IMMC schema, Common Data Model as well as updates of the following vocabularies: Address type, ATU, ATU type, Corporate body, Country, Currency, Grammatical alternation, Language, Multilingual, Resource type, Role, Site, Subdivision, Target audience, Treaty, Treaty classification, Use context.

To access the publication please click here.