Challenges of the digital age: better access to legal information for EU citizens

Event organised by the Publications Office of the European Union

Brussels, 17-18 May 2017

The Publications Office is organising a workshop on better access to legal information for EU citizens.

The aim of the workshop is to exchange information and best practices across Member States and EU institutions facing common challenges in the field of access to legal information.

During the workshop speakers from several Member States who are in charge of national legal websites across the EU will share their unique expertise and experience. Presentations from the Publications Office of the EU will give an insight into the current and future developments on EUR-Lex.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in practical sessions and roundtables on topics such as how to improve the display of legislation, how to make the search for legislation easier and how to enhance synergies between EU law and national law. Other topics to be discussed will include access to and reuse of EU legal data by national legal systems via EUR-Lex and how to reconcile access to digital information with the protection of personal data.

The event is aimed at managers in charge of national public legal websites and the managers of the legal websites of the European Union.

For more details please see the agenda.