• Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation (AF4) and Inductively Coupled Plasma- Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) methods as a means to determine nanoparticle number size distributions of silver nanoparticle dispersions
    Report of stage 1 of inter-laboratory trial

  • Fourth EC-JRC aromatic compounds inter-laboratory comparison with automatic analysers

    Latest edition.
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    IT La delegittimazione della conoscenza scientifica
    Normativita, frodi e controlli nella scienza

  • RIO country report 2016

    Latest edition.
  • Measuring the contribution of higher education to innovation capacity in the EU

  • Opinion on the report of the ICCR working group
    Considerations on acceptable trace level of 1,4-dioxane in cosmetic products

  • Opinion on UV filter S86 Phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine

  • Opinion on decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (cyclopentasiloxane, D5) in cosmetic products

    Overview and theoretical foundations of the second version of the fully interregional dynamic econometric long-term input-output model for the EU-27

  • Opinion on N,N'-Bis-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-nitro-p-phenylenediamine (B34)

  • Opinion on Butylphenyl methylpropional (BMHCA)

  • Opinion on Phenoxyethanol

  • Opinion on HC Yellow No. 16 (Colipa No. B123)
    Submission I

  • Opinion on Hydroxyapatite (nano)

  • Opinion on Basic Blue 124 (3-Amino- 7-(dimethylamino)-2-methoxyphenoxazin-5-ium chloride)

  • Opinion on HC Red No
    18 (B124)

  • Opinion on preservative EcoG+

  • Notes of guidance for the testing of cosmetic ingredients and their safety evaluation

  • Science policy interfaces in disaster risk management in the EU
    Requirements and conditions for efficient SPIs in practice

  • EU R&D scoreboard
    The 2016 EU industrial R&D investment scoreboard

    Latest edition.
  • Macro-regional innovation week
    At the crossroads of three European macro-regions: Danube, Adriatic-Ionian and Alpine regions

  • RIO Country Report 2015

  • The social acceptance of wind energy
    Where we stand and the path ahead

  • Evaluation of the 2012 EC interlaboratory comparison on gross alpha/beta activity concentration in drinking water

  • Results of time-of-flight transmission measurements for natCu at a 25 m station of GELINA

  • Results of time-of-flight neutron capture cross section measurements for 238U at a 12 m and 60 m station of GELINA
    Description of GELINA data to be stored in the EXFOR data base

  • Results of average capture cross section measurements for 238U at a 12 m and 60 m station of GELINA
    Description of GELINA data to be stored in the EXFOR data base

  • Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF)
    2016 Mediterranean assessments part 1 (STECF-16-22)

  • EURL-HM-23 Proficiency Test Report
    Determination of total As, Cd, Pb, Hg and inorganic As in palm kernel expeller

  • The JRC nanomaterials repository
    Safe handling of nanomaterials in the sub-sampling facility

  • Calibration standard for nuclear decommissioning

  • RIO country report 2015

  • Report of an inter-laboratory comparison from the European Union Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials
    ILC01 2015 : temperature control during migration tests by article filling

  • ILC 02 2015, specific migration in food simulant A
    Report of the inter-laboratory comparison

  • Design of a distributed radioactivity standard – feasible or not?
    Final report on the project "realisation of the becquerel"

  • Accredited stakeholder workshop 2016
    Proceedings Brussels, 21 October 2016

  • Integral experiments in the GELINA target hall – 238U and natCu
    Description of the first two integral experiments in the GELINA target hall

  • The investment plan for Europe
    Research, development and innovation : state of play, 13 January 2016

  • Horizon 2020 monitoring report 2015
    Final report

    Latest edition.
  • Qualification of a precision pattern dispenser

  • EU commodity market development
    Medium-term agricultural outlook : proceedings of the October 2016 workshop

  • The certification of 202Hg enriched methyl mercury amount content and isotopic composition Hg as methyl mercury in ethanol/water solution

  • Best of InnovEIT 2016
    EIT innovation forum

  • Innovation deals
    Collaborate to overcome barriers to innovation

  • Standardization of JRC developed nuclear mass spectrometry methods with ASTM-International
    Revision of ASTM-1672 for the "total evaporation" (TE/TIMS) method with onput from JRC-G.2/METRO

  • Recommendations for the neutron cross section standards project
    Description of GELINA data recommended for a new neutron standards evaluation

  • Preparation of 1100 60Co calibration sources
    JRC-Geel contribution to WP5 Task 1 deliverable 5.1.1. of the MetroDecom project

  • Validation of Cristallini sampling method for UF6 by high precision double-spike measurements

  • Beacon satellite symposium, Session 5B
    June 30th 2016, radio occultation techniques and measurements

  • Science Advisory Mechanism
    Ensuring sound independent scientific advice for EU policies, matching the demands of the European Commission for scientific evidence and advice, with the best available science