• Macroeconomic modelling of the Greek economy

  • Limit pricing and multi-market entry
    The strategic behaviour of multinationals under asymmetric information

  • Essays in international macroeconomics

  • Does the EU encourage private-sector investment?

  • Labour market adjustment in Europe during the crisis
    Microeconomic evidence from the Wage Dynamics Network survey

  • European Union balance of payments and international investment position statistical sources and methods
    “B.o.p. and i.i.p. book”. November 2016

  • Guidance notes to reporting agents on SHS regulation for statistics on holdings of securities by reporting banking groups
    May / 2017

  • Economic Bulletin
    Issue 2/2017

  • Annual report 2016

  • Essays on financial stability

  • Analytical web note
    Wage distribution spill-overs from minimum wage increases in France. 1/2017

  • Destabilizing effects of bank overleveraging on real activity
    An analysis based on a threshold MCS-GVAR

  • Financial globalisation, monetary policy spillovers and macro-modelling
    Tales from 1001 shocks

  • Did you know...?
    Facts and figures about the European Union and the G20, 7-8 July 2017

  • The future of broadband policy
    Part 2, Technological neutrality, path dependency and public financing

  • Financing sustainability
    Triggering investments for the clean economy

  • EIB Group support for the social sector

  • The EIB in the circular economy

    Latest edition.
  • Lobbying in Europe
    New firm-level evidence

  • Etude de trois instruments d’investissement sur les territoires en France
    Analyse des mécanismes de programmation stratégique, de suivi et de contrôle pour les contrats de ville, les contrats de plan Etat-Région et les programmes d’Investissement d’Avenir

  • Value for money
    EU programme funding in the field of democracy and rule of law

  • Ending high inflation
    The case of Russia versus Poland and the CSFR

  • Energy efficiency for low-income households

  • An assessment of the economic impact of Brexit on the EU27

  • Joint report on health care and long-term care systems & fiscal sustainability
    Volume 2, Country documents

    Re-edition. Latest edition.
  • Decomposing financial (in)stability in emerging economies
    No 39 / February 2017

  • Challenges to freedom of the seas and maritime rivalry in Asia
    In-depth analysis

  • Financial transaction taxes, market composition, and liquidity
    No 2030 / February 2017

  • Optimizing policymakers' loss functions in crisis prediction
    Before, within or after?. No 2025 / February 2017

  • How robust is the result that the cost of “leaning against the wind” exceeds the benefit?
    No 2031 / February 2017

  • Economic crises and the eligiblity for the lender of last resort
    Evidence from 19th century France. No 2027 / February 2017

  • A panel VAR analysis of macro-financial imbalances in the EU
    No 2026 / February 2017

  • Consolidated balance sheet of the Eurosystem as at 31 December 2016

  • ECB annual accounts 2015

  • The effect of public investment in Europe
    A model-based assessment. No 2021 / February 2017

  • ECB annual accounts 2016

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    EL Ετήσιοι λογαριασμοί 2016

  • Global inflation
    The role of food, housing and energy prices. No 2024 / February 2017

  • Financing urban adaptation to climate change

  • The EU fishing fleet
    Trends and economic results

    Latest edition.
  • Exploring Italy’s growth challenge
    A model-based exercise

  • EU candidate & potential candidate countries' economic quarterly (CCEQ)
    4th quarter 2016

  • Modeling euro area bond yields using a time-varying factor model
    No 2012 / February 2017

  • Low inflation and monetary policy in the euro area
    No 2005 / January 2017

  • Regular versus lump-sum payments in union contracts and household consumption
    No 2013 / February 2017

  • Forecasting euro area inflation using targeted predictors
    Is money coming back?. No 2015 / February 2017

  • Understanding sovereign rating movements in euro area countries
    No 2011 / February 2017

  • The drivers of revenue productivity
    A new decomposition analysis with firm-level data. No 2014 / February 2017

  • The systemic implications of bail-in
    A multi-layered network approach. No 2010 / February 2017

  • Interrelation between financial stability and monetary policy at the current juncture