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    An update & further analysis

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    Country documents : 2019 update

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    15 July 2019

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    Preferences for redistribution and income inequality in the EU-28

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    Evidence on the pricing of climate risk

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    How finance can boost innovation in agri-food

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    Final report

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    Annual report 2017

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    An assessment : euro area scrutiny

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  • Advisory services
    Annual report 2018

  • Report on circular economy and resource efficiency
    Potential and opportunities for transformative global climate action : UNFCCC COP24 EU Side-Event, 4 December 2018 Katowice, Poland

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    Delivering on the Capital Markets Union : towards a more united, stronger and more democratic union

  • Progress on the economic situation
    Towards a more united, stronger and more democratic union

  • Annual report 2018

  • European Fiscal Board workshop 2019
    Independent fiscal institutions in the EU fiscal framework, Brussels, 28 February 2019

  • The EU Blue Economy Report 2019

  • The future of the European space sector
    How to leverage Europe’s technological leadership and boost investments for space ventures : executive summary

  • Integration of environmental concerns in Cohesion Policy Funds (ERDF, ESF, CF)
    Results, evolution and trends through three programming periods (2000-2006, 2007-2013, 2014-2020) : final report

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    Identifying synergies and the potential for cooperation and alliance building : final report

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    A Visegrád comparison

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    Mapping the cost of non-Europe, 2019-24

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    Are financial institutions special?

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    6 January 2010

  • EU candidate and pre-accession countries economic quarterly (CCEQ)
    6 October 2009

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    Retooling Europe’s economy : key findings

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    8 July 2009

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    6 April 2009

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    Habit and anticipation of future consumption

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    A US-centric view of global capital flows

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    International evidence

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    Evidence from Spain