• EU Gender Action Plan 2016-2020 at year one
    European implementation assessment

  • How will the EU’s data protection reform make international cooperation easier?

  • Ten issues to watch in 2018
    In-depth analysis

    Second edition Latest edition.
  • REX
    External relations section

    Latest edition.
  • Preparatory action 'Culture in external relations'
    Engaging the world : towards global cultural citizenship

  • Preparatory action 'Culture in external relations'
    Engaging the world : towards global cultural citizenship

  • Implementation of the UN guiding principles on business and human rights

  • EU cultural diplomacy
    Challenges and opportunities

  • Western Europe and the breakup of Yugoslavia
    A political failure in search of a scholarly explanation

  • After the EU global strategy
    Building resilience

  • Ten issues to watch in 2017
    In-depth analysis

  • Strategy matters

    Latest edition.
  • The budgetary tools for financing the EU external policy

  • Study of the achievements of Tempus IV Projects in improving student services in higher education institutions in the Western Balkans

  • Implementation of the Lisbon Treaty
    Improving functioning of the EU : foreign affairs

    Latest edition.
  • CBRN CoE newsletter
    Volume 1, October 2011

  • Good governance in EU external relations
    What role for development policy in a changing international context

  • CBRN CoE newsletter
    Volume 8, March 2014

  • Joint processing pilots
    Technical report

  • European Union
    Discovery trail

  • European Commission proposal on the European Investment Bank's external mandate (2014-20)
    Initial appraisal of a European Commission impact assessment

  • Promoting the participation of Jordan in the work of EASO as well as the participation of Tunisia and Morocco in the work of EASO and Frontex
    Information leaflet : project implementation 2014 - 2016

  • International agreements
    Review and monitoring clauses : a rolling check-list

  • Evaluation of TAIEX instrument
    Final evaluation report : annexes

  • Evaluation of TAIEX instrument
    Final evaluation report

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    FR Evaluation de l’instrument TAIEX
    Résumé analytique

  • Implementation of the Lisbon Treaty
    Improving functioning of the EU : foreign affairs : in-depth analysis

  • Intellectual property rights on genetic resources and the fight against poverty

  • EASO external action strategy

  • Practical guide to the use of the European Communities' scheme of generalized tariff preferences
    1 March 1984

  • Flexibility mechanisms in the Lisbon Treaty

  • Supporting European security and defence with existing EU measures and procedures

  • CBRN CoE newsletter
    Volume 9, August 2014

  • Assessment of trade defence policy decisions for 2014

  • EU financial assistance available to local and regional authorities in Eastern Partnership Countries

  • Mapping of best practice regional and multi-country cooperative STI initiatives between Africa and Europe
    Identification of financial mechanism(s) 2008–2012 : final report

  • SME Policy Index the Mediterranean Middle East and North Africa 2014
    Implementation of the Small Business Act for Europe

  • Democracy and human rights
    Co-operation that counts : 2005

  • European Union external action

  • When choosing means losing
    The Eastern partners, the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union

  • CBRN CoE newsletter
    Volume 6, June 2013

  • REX
    External relations section

  • Review of the science and technological (S&T) cooperation agreement between the European Union and South Africa

  • CBRN CoE newsletter
    Volume 7, November 2013

  • CBRN CoE newsletter
    Volume 5, February 2013

  • A comparative study of EU and US approaches to human rights in external relations

  • The changing game of multilateralism
    38 (September 2014)

  • Eurasian Union
    The real, the imaginary and the likely

  • Strategy matters

  • Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions in the EU's international investment agreements
    Volume 2, Studies