• Procedural principles of good administration in Community law

  • The principle of proportionality in EC law and its application in Norwegian law

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    ES El uso de los precedentes en los sistemas europeos de derecho codificado
    Los ejemplos espanol, aleman y holandes

  • Enriching public procurement regulation through EU state aid law based principles

  • Tort law beyond the reasonable man
    Re-thinking tort law beyond the state

  • Normative hierarchies in theory and practice
    The case of constitutional adjudication

  • Impact assessment study on policy options for a new initiative on minimum standards in insolvency and restructuring law

  • Study on the law applicable to insurance contracts

  • Private international law in a context of increasing international mobility
    Challenges and potential

  • Potential and challenges of private international law in the current migratory context
    Experiences from the field

  • Children on the move
    A private international law perspective

  • Child-friendly justice
    Perspectives and experiences of children and professionals : summary

  • Review clauses in EU legislation
    A rolling check-list

    Latest edition.
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    FR Le pilier social de l’UE à l’épreuve du mieux légiférer

  • Cannabis legislation in Europe
    An overview

  • Child-friendly justice
    Perspectives and experiences of children involved in judicial proceedings as victims, witnesses or parties in nine EU Member States : annexes

  • A European statute for social and solidarity-based enterprise

  • Cross-border recognition of adoptions
    European added value assessment

  • Civil law
    European judicial cooperation

    Latest edition.
  • Criminal detention and alternatives
    Fundamental rights aspects in EU cross-border transfers

  • The basis of the endorsement procedure for IFRS accounting standards

  • Exploring the fraudulent contracting of work in the European Union

  • Global justice & stability research and innovation projects

  • The cooperation and verification mechanism for Bulgaria and Romania
    Third wave : report

    Latest edition.
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    FR Dix ans de jurisprudence de la cour de justice de l’Union Européenne relative aux affaires « roumaines »

  • Gender in justice

  • Harmonising formats
    Facilitating better regulation

  • Qualification for international protection (Directive 2011/95/EU)
    A judicial analysis

  • Drug supply reduction
    An overview of EU policies and measures

  • Eurojust annual report 2015

  • Rights of suspected and accused persons across the EU
    Translation, interpretation and information

  • Criminalisation of migrants in an irregular situation and of persons engaging with them

  • Consultation support and development of advice
    Final report

  • European civil law rules in robotics

  • European judicial training 2016

  • Travel tips
    Help and advice for consumers in Europe

  • The evidentiary effects of authentic acts in the Member States of the European Union, in the context of successions

  • Selective enforcement of EU law
    Explaining institutional choice

  • Management report
    Annual activity report by the authorising officer by delegation

  • IFRS accounting standards endorsement procedure

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    LT Svarbūs Europos Sąjungos Teisingumo Teismo praktikos aspektai (2004-2014)
    Leidinys, skirtas Lietuvos įstojimo į Europos Sąjungą dešimtmečiui paminėti

  • New psychoactive substances in Europe
    Legislation and prosecution : current challenges and solutions

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    FR Il y a 70 ans, le procès de Nuremberg
    L'interprétation simultanée des pionniers à nos jours : catalogue de l'exposition Cour de justice de l'Union européenne 18 janvier 2016- 30 avril 2016

  • State-sponsored cyber operations and international law

  • Differences and similarities between arguments on the direct effect of internal and external Community legal acts

  • The history of European electoral reform and the Electoral Act 1976
    Issues of democratisation and political legitimacy : in-depth analysis

  • Civil liability for environmental damage
    A comparative survey of harmonised European legislation

  • Study on alternatives to coercive sanctions as response to drug law offences and drug-related crimes

  • European equality law review
    Issue 2/2016

  • Associated, adapted and (almost) assimilated
    The European economic area agreement in a revised EU constitutional framework for welfare services