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Annex A5 List of countries, territories and currencies

List of modifications since 29.6.2006

March 2011: new paper version (= new base version)

28.2.2011 Brunei, full name: ‘Negara Brunei Darussalam’ replaced by ‘Brunei Darussalam’
  Fiji, full name: ‘Republic of the Fiji Islands’ replaced by ‘Republic of Fiji’; name of citizenship: ‘Fiji Islander’ replaced by ‘Fijian’; name of citizenship: ‘of Fiji’ replaced by ‘Fijian’
  Niue, full name: ‘Republic of Niue’ replaced by ‘Niue’
  Somalia, full name: ‘Somalia’ replaced by ‘Somali Republic’
1.1.2011 Estonia, currency: ‘kroon’ replaced by ‘euro’
10.10.2010 Netherlands Antilles: dissolved
Curaçao and Sint Maarten become autonomous entities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
27.9.2010 Nicaragua, currency: ‘córdoba’ replaced by ‘córdoba oro’
13.9.2010 Tuvalu, capital: ‘Fongafale’ replaced by ‘Funafuti’
11.8.2010 Northern Marianas, capital: ‘Garapan’ replaced by ‘Saipan’
29.3.2010 Saint Helena, full name: ‘Saint Helena and Dependencies’ becomes ‘Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha’
24.3.2010 Nepal, full name: ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal’ becomes ‘Nepal’
1.3.2010 Turkmenistan (TMM, withdrawn)
3.12.2009 Macau (short name) is replaced by Macao
12.10.2009 French overseas territories (updated)
30.9.2009 Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey (added)
1.7.2009 Zimbabwe, currency (ZWR, withdrawn)
29.4.2009 Bolivia, full name: ‘Republic of Bolivia’ becomes ‘Plurinational State of Bolivia’
14.4.2009 Cuba, currency (CUC, new)
27.2.2009 ‘Eastern Caribbean dollar’ replaced by ‘East Caribbean dollar’
26.2.2009 Angola, currency: ‘readjusted kwanza’ replaced by ‘kwanza’, ‘lwei’ replaced by ‘cêntimo’
1.2.2009 Zimbabwe, currency (ZWL, new)
1.1.2009 Ghana (GHC, withdrawn), Slovakia (euro), Turkmenistan (TMT)
1.8.2008 Zimbabwe, currency: ZWD replaced by ZWR
12.6.2008 Nepal, full name: ‘Kingdom of Nepal’ becomes ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal’
28.11.2007 Cyprus/Malta (euro), Ghana (Ghana cedi), Madagascar (iraimbilanja), Venezuela (bolívar fuerte)
  Footnotes have been renumbered
19.11.2007 Montenegro, full name: ‘Republic of Montenegro’ becomes ‘Montenegro’
1.7.2007 Sudan: suppression of the dinar (SDD)
16.3.2007 Iceland: the currency subunit (eyrir/aurar) is deleted
23.2.2007 Sudan: introduction of the pound (SDG)
1.1.2007 Slovenia: the tolar is replaced by the euro
7.10.2006 Palau, capital: ‘Koror’ replaced by ‘Melekeok’
29.6.2006 Montenegro and Serbia become independent States
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