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7.3.2. Order of the currencies and ISO codes

When using currency abbreviations, the ISO codes 4217 should be used (see Annex A7 and the maintenance agency’s website).

Member State currencies

When listing Member State currencies, place the euro first followed by the other monetary abbreviations in alphabetical order of the currency code (ISO codes 4217).

ISO code Currency
EUR euro
BGN lev (pl. leva)
CZK Czech koruna (pl. koruny)
DKK Danish krone (pl. kroner)
HUF forint (inv.)
PLN zloty (pl. zlotys)
RON Romanian leu (pl. lei)
SEK krona (pl. kronor)

Other currencies

For reasons of protocol, other currencies should follow the currencies of Member States and be listed according to the same criteria, i.e. in alphabetical order of the currency code (ISO codes 4217). The same rule applies to a list of currencies in running text if there are no other criteria for classification.

ISO code Currency
CAD Canadian dollar
CHF Swiss franc
JPY yen
USD US dollar

See Annex A7 for a list of currency codes.

Older currencies

The euro has replaced the following older Member State currencies.

ISO code Currency
ATS Austrian schilling
BEF Belgian franc
CYP Cyprus pound
DEM German mark
EEK kroon (pl. kroonid)
ESP Spanish peseta
FIM Finnish markka
FRF French franc
GRD drachma
HRK kuna
IEP Irish pound (punt)
ITL Italian lira (pl. lire)
LTL litas (pl. litai)
LUF Luxembourg franc
LVL lats (pl. lati)
MTL Maltese lira (pl. liri)
NLG Dutch guilder
PTE Portuguese escudo
SIT tolar (pl. tolars)
SKK Slovak koruna (pl. koruny)
EU-27, acceding state and candidate countries

Acceding state/cCandidate countries’ currencies

ISO code Country Currency
ALL Albania lek
BAM Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
EUR Montenegro euro
MDL Moldova Moldovan leu (pl. lei)
MKD North Macedonia (1) denar
RSD Serbia Serbian dinar
TRY Türkiye Turkish lira (inv.)
UAH Ukraine hryvnia
Do not use ‘Northern Macedonia’.
Last updated: 24.1.2023
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