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2.7. Subdivisions of acts

Name of subdivision Numbering Reference in the text
Preamble (1)
Citation (1)   in the first citation
Numbered recital (1) (1), (2) in recital 1 (2)
Unnumbered recital (1)   in the first recital (2)
Enacting terms (3)
Article (3) Sole Article
Article 1, 2
in the Sole Article
in Article 1, 2
Numbered paragraph (3) 1., 2. in paragraph 1, 2 (when in the same article)
in Article 2(1) (refers to a numbered paragraph in a different article)
Subparagraph (4)   in the first, second, third subparagraph
in [Article 1(1),] second subparagraph
Unnumbered paragraph   in the first, second, third paragraph
in [Article 1,] first paragraph
Point (3) (a), (b)
(i), (ii)
(1), (2)
in point (a), (b)
in point (i), (ii)
in point (1), (2)
in [Article 1(1), first subparagraph,] point (a)(i)(1)
Indent (em rule/em dash) (5) in the first, second indent
in [Article 1(1), first subparagraph, point (a)(i)(1),] first indent
Annex I, II (or Annex A, B)
in the Annex
in Annex I, II (or Annex A, B) (to the act)
Appendix 1, 2
in the Appendix
in Appendix 1, 2 (to the Annex)
Other subdivisions
Part Part I, II
(or Part One, Two)
in Part I, II
(or Part One, Two)
Title Title I, II in Title I, II
in [Part I,] Title I
Chapter Chapter I, II
(or Chapter 1, 2)
in Chapter I, II
(or Chapter 1, 2)
in [Part I, Title I,] Chapter I
Section Section 1, 2 in Section 1, 2
in [Part I, Title I, Chapter I,] Section 1
Point (6) I, II (or A, B)
I. (or A. or 1.)
in point I, II (or point A, B)
in point I (or point A or point 1)
Before 7 February 2000, when recitals were unnumbered: in the first, second recital.
Where articles, numbered paragraphs or other subdivisions that are identified by a number or a letter are inserted into the enacting terms of an existing act, they are given the number or letter of the preceding subdivision of the same level in addition to the letter ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’, etc. See also Section 3.3.2.
Subdivisions of a numbered paragraph.
Before the introduction of the XML-based drafting tool EdiT in 2021, indents could be used as a first level in lists.
Used in certain recommendations, resolutions, declarations and statements.
Reference to the introductory phrase may be made by words such as ‘at the beginning of’, ‘the introductory words of’ or ‘the introductory part of’. The introductory phrase ends with a colon.
The subdivisions in this table are not classified in a fixed order. The order can vary according to the nature of the text.

See the Visual Guide – Official Journal typographical rulesPDF.

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