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1.3.2. Numbering of documents

Notice number

The titles of documents published in the C series are assigned a notice number by the Publications Office. The number consists of:

the year of publication:
since 1 January 1999, all four digits,
up to 31 December 1998, the last two digits;
the Official Journal number;
a number indicating the order of publication in the Official Journal.
98/C 45/01
2010/C 2/08

This number is placed under the title, centred and between brackets. In the table of contents this number appears in the left-hand margin, without brackets.

Special numbering

Certain documents contain their own numbering in the title:

positions of the Council under the ordinary legislative procedure:
Position (EU) No 11/2010 of the Council at first reading
Under the codecision procedure, there used to be ‘Common Positions of the Council’:
Common Position (EC) No 14/2005 of the Council
State aid:
State Aid C 32/09
Take care with numbering: C 55/99, C 55/2000 (four digits for the year 2000), C 55/01, etc.
cases of the Court of Justice, of the General Court and of the Civil Service Tribunal:
Case C-187/10 (Court of Justice)
Case T-211/10 (General Court – since 15 November 1989)
Case F-29/10 (Civil Service Tribunal – from 23 July 2005 to 31 August 2016)
before 15 November 1989 (solely for the Court of Justice): Case 84/81
The Civil Service Tribunal, established in 2004, ceased to operate on 1 September 2016 after its jurisdiction was transferred to the General Court.
opinions of the Court of Auditors:
Opinion No 01/2022 (before 1 January 2022: Opinion No 1/2021)
cases of the EFTA Court:
Case E-5/10
notices of open competitions (C … A series):
vacancy notices:
Decisions of the Administrative Commission for the coordination of social security systems:
Decision No H8 of 17 December 2015 (updated with minor technical clarifications on 9 March 2016) concerning the methods of operation and the composition of the Technical Commission for Data Processing of the Administrative Commission for the Coordination of Social Security Systems
amending budgets of the agencies:
Statement of revenue and expenditure of the European Medicines Agency for the financial year 2010 – Amending Budget No 1
calls for proposals:
Call for proposals IX-2011/01 – ‘Grants to political parties at European level’
Until 23 July 2002 (expiry date of the ECSC Treaty), there were ‘assents’ of the Council:
Assent No 22/96
Assent No 6/2002
Last updated: 28.7.2022
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