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Since its first publication in 1993, as the Vade-mecum for Editors, the Interinstitutional Style Guide has become an indispensable tool for authors of texts from the different institutions and bodies of the European Union, in all the official languages.

This standardisation of linguistic practices is particularly remarkable, since all the conventions and common working practices contained in this work have been elaborated by our specialists while according the greatest respect to each language’s particularities.

Equally accessible on the internet, the Interinstitutional Style Guide allows for interactive dialogue between different actors, be they authors, editors, lawyer-linguists, terminologists, translators or proofreaders. The contribution that they can make to improve and update this work is now most welcome.

I count on the commitment of all authors of texts concerned in assuring the application of the norms established in this way. This will allow us, among other things, to continue to exploit the potentials of computer tools, in order to serve better the European citizen, the main recipient of the texts produced by our institutions and bodies.

Pierre de BOISSIEU
Chairman of the Steering Committee
of the Publications Office

The text of this foreword was originally published in French.
Last updated: 10.9.2019
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