Official Journal of the European Union

C 37/7

Reference for a preliminary ruling from the Tribunale di Bergamo (Italy) lodged on 21 November 2007 — Luigi Scarpelli v NEOS Banca SpA

(Case C-509/07)

(2008/C 37/08)

Language of the case: Italian

Referring court

Tribunale di Bergamo

Parties to the main proceedings

Applicant: Luigi Scarpelli

Defendant: NEOS Banca SpA

Question referred

‘Is Article 11(2) of Council Directive 102/87/EEC (1) to be interpreted as meaning that an agreement between a supplier and a grantor of credit whereunder credit is made available exclusively by that grantor of credit to customers of that supplier is a necessary condition for the consumer's right to pursue remedies against the grantor of credit — where the supplier is in breach of contract — even where that right is (a) only to termination of the credit agreement; or (b) to termination of the agreement and consequently to reimbursement of the sums paid to the grantor of credit?’

(1)  OJ L 42, p. 48.