Official Journal of the European Union

C 141/22

Appeal brought on 3 June 2008 by Mr Ammayappan Ayyanarsamy against the order of the Court of First Instance (Fifth Chamber) delivered on 1 April 2008 in Case T-412/07 Ammayappan Ayyanarsamy v Commission of the European Communities and the Federal Republic of Germany

(Case C-251/08 P)

2009/C 141/38

Language of the case: German


Appellant: Ammayappan Ayyanarsamy (represented by: H. Kotzur, Rechtsanwalt)

Other party to the proceedings: Commission of the European Communities, Federal Republic of Germany

By order of 17 March 2009 the Court (Eighth Chamber) dismissed the appeal and ordered Mr Ayyanarsamy to bear his own costs.