Official Journal
of the European Union
ISSN 1725-2423

C 180
Volume 46
31 July 2003
English editionInformation and Notices

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I Information
2003/C 180/01Euro exchange rates 1
2003/C 180/02Notice to Community importers of certain products originating in the People's Republic of China subject to quantitative quotas 2
2003/C 180/03State aid — United Kingdom — Invitation to submit comments pursuant to Article 88(2) of the EC Treaty, concerning aid C 52/03 (ex NN 45/03) — Restructuring aid in favour of British Energy plc 5
II Preparatory Acts

III Notices
European Parliament
2003/C 180/04Minutes of the session from 13 and 16 May 2002 published in the Official Journal of the European Union C 180 E 29
Official Journal of the European Communities C 180 E
2003/C 180/05Reserve list — Open competition COM/C/1/02 — French-language typists (C 5/C 4) 30
2003/C 180/06Reserve list — Open competition COM/C/2/02 — German-language typists (C 5/C 4) 33
2003/C 180/07Call for Proposals (DG EAC/45/03) 34
2003/C 180/08Second call for proposals for 2003 — ARGO 40
2003/C 180/09Recruitment of staff for the Galileo joint undertaking 40
European Personnel Selection Office
2003/C 180/10Notice of open competition 41