Official Journal of the European Union

C 43/26

Summary information communicated by Member States on State aid granted in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 736/2008 on the application of Articles 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty to State aid to small and medium-sized enterprises active in the production, processing and marketing of fisheries products

2013/C 43/09

Aid No: SA.35837 (12/XF)

Member State: Italy

Region concerned: Tuscany

Title of aid scheme: interventi nel settore della pesca professionale e dell'acquacoltura — periodo di programmazione 2012-2015.

Legal basis: L.R. n. 66/2005 «Disciplina della attività di pesca marittima e degli interventi a sostegno della pesca professionale e dell'acquacoltura».

Expenditure envisaged for 2012: Total annual expenditure for the two new aid schemes under the programme amounts to EUR 92 063,91. These aid schemes are standard.

Maximum aid intensity: Aid is proposed in the form of direct subsidies; the aid can fund up to 100 % of eligible costs.

Date of entry into force: Implementation of the State aid measures is to start on 30 November 2012 and is, in any case, subject to completion of the notification procedure laid down in EU legislation (communication of summary information); implementation of the programme during the years following the date of entry into force is still subject to yearly approval from the regional government.

Duration of aid scheme: 30 November 2012-30 November 2013

Objective of the aid: These two new aid schemes are intended for the implementation of the national plan for the management of eel stocks and are standard aid schemes. The first scheme focuses on carrying out a programme for monitoring eel stocks, as referred to in paragraph 6 of the DAR (document on the regional implementation of the national eel plan), approved by Regional Government Decision No 558/2012. The other focuses on the fishing of young eels, restocking, etc., again provided for in the DAR.

Please find below the titles of the two new schemes under the plan:

Detailed specifications for both schemes are attached.

The financial resources (EUR) earmarked for each scheme are indicated in the following table:

Indicate which of Article(s) 8 to 24 is used: Article 18 (‘Plans with regional relevance’)

Activity concerned: Professional fishing and aquaculture

Name and address of the granting authority: The programme envisages the direct implementation of certain measures proposed by the region, and of other measures proposed by the provinces according to the provincial plans; in particular:

Accordingly, please find below the relevant addresses:

Tuscany Region: DG Competitività del Sistema Regionale e Sviluppo delle Competenze — Settore Programmazione Agricola — Forestale

Via di Novoli 26

50127 Firenze FI


Provincial offices:

Arezzo — Ufficio Pesca — Piazza Libertà 3 — 52100 Arezzo AR

Firenze — Ufficio Pesca — Via Ginori 10 — 50129 Firenze FI

Grosseto — Ufficio Pesca — Via Pietro Micca 39 — 58100 Grosseto GR

Livorno — Ufficio Pesca — Via Galilei 62 — 57100 Livorno LI

Lucca — Ufficio Pesca — Piazza Napoleone — 55100 Lucca LU

Massa Carrara — Ufficio Pesca — Palazzo Ducale — Piazza Aranci — 54100 Massa Carrara MS

Pisa — Ufficio Pesca — Via P. Nenni 24 — 56100 Pisa PI

Pistoia — Ufficio Pesca — Via Teodulo Mabellini 9 — 51100 Pistoia PT

Prato — Ufficio Pesca — Via Ricasoli 25 — 59100 Prato PO

Siena — Ufficio Pesca — Via delle Sperandie 47 — 53100 Siena SI

Website: http://www.regione.toscana.it/regione/export/R17sito-RT/Contenuti/sezioni/agricoltura/sviluppo_rurale/rubriche/piani_progetti/visualizza_asset_html_23_3125563.html

Justification: The regional law ‘Rules on maritime fishing and on aid schemes supporting maritime fishing and aquaculture’, approved on 7 December 2005, precedes the entry into force of the EFF. Following an examination of the information provided previously, the law, in addition to covering schemes which can be found in the EFF programme, also provides for a local system for managing fishing which heavily involves the provincial system. The EFF, which entered into force in 2007, envisages similar schemes to those provided for in Regional Law No 66/2005, but is implemented using a different system. The EFF expects Member States to have a single national programme (Article 17 of Regulation (EC) No 1198/2006), which includes measures directly implemented by the regions. The National State is therefore the managing authority for the entire programme, whereas the regions act as intermediary bodies.