Official journal
of the European Communities
ISSN 0378-6986

C 186
Volume 42
2 July 1999
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I Information
1999/C 186/01Council Decision of 14 June 1999 appointing the members of the Advisory Committee of the Euratom Supply Agency 1
1999/C 186/02Council Resolution of 17 June 1999 on equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities 3
1999/C 186/03Interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its repo operations: 2,50 % on 1 July 1999 — Euro exchange rates 5
1999/C 186/04Commission notice updating the list of parties under examination pursuant to Commission Regulation (EC) No 88/97 on the authorisation of the exemption of imports of certain bicycle parts originating in the People's Republic of China from the extension by Council Regulation (EC) No 71/97 of the anti-dumping duty imposed by Council Regulation (EEC) No 2474/93 6
1999/C 186/05Prior notification of a concentration (Case No IV/M.1588 — Tyco/Raychem)Text with EEA relevance (1) 7
1999/C 186/06Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case No IV/M.1255 — Flughafen Berlin)Text with EEA relevance (1) 8
1999/C 186/07Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case No IV/JV.16 — Bertelsmann/VIAG/Game Channel)Text with EEA relevance (1) 8
II Preparatory Acts

III Notices
1999/C 186/08Carnot — Call for proposals for actions related to the promotion of the clean and efficient use of solid fuels (1999) 9
1999/C 186/09Communication of decisions under sundry tendering procedures in agriculture 11
EN(1) Text with EEA relevance