Official Journal of the European Union

C 172/21

Notice concerning the countervailing measures in force in respect of imports into the Community of cotton-type bed linen originating in India: modification of the name of a company subject to an individual countervailing duty rate

(2006/C 172/06)

Imports of cotton-type bed linen, originating in India are subject to a definitive countervailing duty, imposed by Council Regulation (EC) No 74/2004 of 13 January 2004 (1).

Anunay Fab. Pvt. Ltd, a company located in India, whose exports to the Community of cotton-type bed linen are subject to a countervailing duty of 7.6 % imposed pursuant to Article 1(3) of Regulation (EC) No 74/2004, has informed the Commission that on 23 November 2005, as a result of a change in the company's legal form, it changed its name to Anunay Fab. Ltd.

The company has argued that the change of name does not affect the right of the company to benefit from the individual duty rate applied to the company under its previous name of Anunay Fab. Pvt. Ltd.

The Commission has examined the information supplied and concluded that the change of name in no way affects the findings of Regulation (EC) No 74/2004. Therefore, the reference to Anunay Fab. Pvt. Ltd. should be read as Anunay Fab. Ltd. in the Annex of Regulation (EC) No 74/2004.

The Taric additional code A498 previously attributed to Anunay Fab. Pvt. Ltd shall apply to Anunay Fab. Ltd.

(1)  OJ L 12, 17.1.2004, p. 1, as last amended by Council Regulation (EC) No 122/2006 of 23 January 2006 (OJ L 22. 26.1.2006, p. 3).