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of the European Union

L 329

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Volume 49
25 November 2006



I   Acts whose publication is obligatory




Council Regulation (EC) No 1738/2006 of 23 November 2006 amending Regulation (EC) No 930/2004 on temporary derogation measures relating to the drafting in Maltese of the acts of the institutions of the European Union




Council Regulation (EC) No 1739/2006 of 23 November 2006 terminating the partial interim review of anti-dumping measures applicable to imports of silicon originating in the Russian Federation




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1740/2006 of 24 November 2006 establishing the standard import values for determining the entry price of certain fruit and vegetables




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1741/2006 of 24 November 2006 laying down the conditions for granting the special export refund on boned meat of adult male bovine animals placed under the customs warehousing procedure prior to export




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1742/2006 of 24 November 2006 opening and providing for the administration of Community tariff quotas for wines originating in the Republic of Albania




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1743/2006 of 24 November 2006 concerning the permanent authorisation of an additive in feedingstuffs ( 1 )




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1744/2006 of 24 November 2006 on detailed rules for aid in respect of silkworms (Codified version)




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1745/2006 of 24 November 2006 amending Regulation (EC) No 936/97 opening and providing for the administration of tariff quotas for high quality fresh, chilled and frozen beef and for frozen buffalo meat




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1746/2006 of 24 November 2006 correcting Regulation (EC) No 1279/2006 fixing for the 2005/2006 marketing year the specific agricultural conversion rate applicable to the minimum sugar beet prices and the production levy and additional levy in the sugar sector for the currencies of those Member States which have not adopted the single currency




II   Acts whose publication is not obligatory






Commission Decision of 17 November 2006 amending Decision 2005/432/EC laying down the animal and public health conditions and model certificates for imports of meat products for human consumption from third countries and repealing Decisions 97/41/EC, 97/221/EC and 97/222/EC (notified under document number C(2006) 5444)  ( 1 )




Commission Decision of 23 November 2006 approving the plans for the eradication of classical swine fever in feral pigs and the emergency vaccination of those pigs and of pigs in holdings against that disease in Romania (notified under document number C(2006) 5426)  ( 1 )




Commission Decision of 23 November 2006 amending Decision 2005/381/EC establishing a questionnaire for reporting on the application of Directive 2003/87/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading within the Community and amending Council Directive 96/61/EC (notified under document number C(2006) 5546)  ( 1 )




Commission Decision of 23 November 2006 on harmonisation of the radio spectrum for radio frequency identification (RFID) devices operating in the ultra high frequency (UHF) band (notified under document number C(2006) 5599)




Commission Decision of 24 November 2006 concerning animal health control measures relating to classical swine fever in certain Member States (notified under document number C(2006) 5538)  ( 1 )




Commission Decision of 24 November 2006 recognising in principle the completeness of the dossier submitted for detailed examination in view of the possible inclusion of orthosulfamuron in Annex I to Council Directive 91/414/EEC (notified under document number C(2006) 5539)  ( 1 )




Acts adopted under Title V of the Treaty on European Union



Council Decision 2006/807/CFSP of 20 November 2006 implementing Joint Action 2005/797/CFSP on the European Union Police Mission for the Palestinian Territories




(1)   Text with EEA relevance


Acts whose titles are printed in light type are those relating to day-to-day management of agricultural matters, and are generally valid for a limited period.

The titles of all other Acts are printed in bold type and preceded by an asterisk.