Official Journal
of the European Union
ISSN 1725-2555

L 309
Volume 46
26 November 2003
English editionLegislation

ContentsI Acts whose publication is obligatory
*Regulation (EC) No 2065/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 November 2003 on smoke flavourings used or intended for use in or on foods 1
*Decision No 2066/2003/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 November 2003 on the continued application of areal-survey and remote-sensing techniques to the agricultural statistics for 2004 to 2007 and amending Decision 1445/2000/EC 9
Commission Regulation (EC) No 2067/2003 of 25 November 2003 establishing the standard import values for determining the entry price of certain fruit and vegetables 10
Commission Regulation (EC) No 2068/2003 of 25 November 2003 concerning applications for export licences for rice and broken rice with advance fixing of the refund 12
Commission Regulation (EC) No 2069/2003 of 25 November 2003 correcting Regulation (EC) No 2058/2003 fixing the maximum export refund on wholly milled medium grain and long grain A rice to be exported to certain third countries in connection with the invitation to tender issued in Regulation (EC) No 1876/2003 13

II Acts whose publication is not obligatory
*Council Decision of 17 November 2003 on the accession of the European Community to the Codex Alimentarius Commission 14

Corrigendum to Commission Regulation (EC) No 2029/2003 of 18 November 2003 on periodical sales by tender of beef held by certain intervention agencies (OJ L 301 of 19.11.2003) 22
Corrigendum to Commission Regulation (EC) No 2046/2003 of 20 November 2003 fixing the rates of refunds applicable to certain cereal and rice-products exported in the form of goods not covered by Annex I to the Treaty (OJ L 303 of 21.11.2003) 22
Acts whose titles are printed in light type are those relating to day-to-day management of agricultural matters, and are generally valid for a limited period.
The titles of all other Acts are printed in bold type and preceded by an asterisk.