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Official Journal

of the European Union

L 193

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English edition


Volume 48
23 July 2005



I   Acts whose publication is obligatory




Council Regulation (EC) No 1183/2005 of 18 July 2005 imposing certain specific restrictive measures directed against persons acting in violation of the arms embargo with regard to the Democratic Republic of the Congo




Council Regulation (EC) No 1184/2005 of 18 July 2005 imposing certain specific restrictive measures directed against certain persons impeding the peace process and breaking international law in the conflict in the Darfur region in Sudan




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1185/2005 of 22 July 2005 establishing the standard import values for determining the entry price of certain fruit and vegetables




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1186/2005 of 22 July 2005 suspending the buying-in of butter in certain Member States




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1187/2005 of 22 July 2005 amending Regulation (EEC) No 1859/82 concerning the selection of returning holdings for the purpose of determining incomes of agricultural holdings




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1188/2005 of 22 July 2005 amending Regulation (EC) No 761/2005 opening crisis distillation as provided for in Article 30 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1493/1999 for certain wines in France




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1189/2005 of 20 July 2005 prohibiting fishing for common sole in ICES zones VII b, c by vessels flying the flag of France




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1190/2005 of 20 July 2005 amending for the 48th time Council Regulation (EC) No 881/2002 imposing certain specific restrictive measures directed against certain persons and entities associated with Usama bin Laden, the Al-Qaida network and the Taliban, and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 467/2001




II   Acts whose publication is not obligatory






Council Decision of 24 June 2005 appointing two German members and two German alternate members of the Committee of the Regions




Council Decision of 12 July 2005 amending Decision 2001/264/EC adopting the Council’s security regulations







Commission Decision of 19 July 2005 amending Decision 2000/86/EC laying down special conditions governing imports of fishery products originating in China and repealing Decision 97/368/EC, as regards the competent authority and the model of health certificate (notified under document number C(2005) 2751)  ( 1 )




Commission Decision of 22 July 2005 amending Decision 2002/994/EC concerning certain protective measures with regard to the products of animal origin imported from China (notified under document number C(2005) 2764)  ( 1 )




Acts adopted under Title V of the Treaty on European Union



Council Joint Action 2005/574/CFSP of 18 July 2005 on support for IAEA activities in the areas of nuclear security and verification and in the framework of the implementation of the EU Strategy against Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction




(1)   Text with EEA relevance


Acts whose titles are printed in light type are those relating to day-to-day management of agricultural matters, and are generally valid for a limited period.

The titles of all other Acts are printed in bold type and preceded by an asterisk.