Official Journal of the European Union

C 209/2

Conduct of the activities of the General Court between 1 and 13 September 2010

2010/C 209/02

At its Plenary Meeting on 8 June 2010, the General Court took note of the fact that, by reason of the Court vacation, the taking of the oath before the Court of Justice by the new Members of the General Court will take place only after the end of that vacation. Consequently, in accordance with the third paragraph of Article 5 of the Statute of the Court of Justice, until the new Members of the General Court take up their duties:

the President of the General Court will be Mr Jaeger;

the Presidents of the Chambers of five Judges will be Mr Azizi, Mr Meij, Mr Vilaras, Mr Forwood, Ms Martins Ribeiro, Mr Czúcz, Ms Wiszniewska-Białecka and Ms Pelikánová, Presidents of Chambers;

the decision of 19 September 2007 on the organisation of the General Court and the composition of the Grand Chamber (OJ 2007 C 269, p. 40), the decision of 16 June 2009 on the criteria for assigning cases to Chambers and on the composition of the Appeal Chamber (OJ 2009 C 153, p. 2), the decision of 7 October 2009 on the assignment of Judges to Chambers (OJ 2009 C 267, p. 6) and the decision of 12 May 2010 on the designation of the Judge replacing the President of the General Court as the Judge hearing applications for interim measures (OJ 2010 C 148, p. 1) will continue to apply.