Official Journal
of the European Union
ISSN 1725-2423

C 39
Volume 46
18 February 2003
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I Information
2003/C 39/01Council Resolution of 6 February 2003 on Social Inclusion — through social dialogue and partnership 1
2003/C 39/02Council Resolution of 6 February 2003 on corporate social responsibility 3
2003/C 39/03Council Resolution on 6 February 2003 "eAccessibility" — improving the access of people with disabilities to the knowledge based society 5
2003/C 39/04Council Conclusions of 26 November 2002 on a more competitive environment for enterprises 7
2003/C 39/05Council Conclusions and roadmap of 26 November 2002 for a strategy on life sciences and biotechnology 9
2003/C 39/06Euro exchange rates 14
2003/C 39/07Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty — Cases where the Commission raises no objections (1) 15
2003/C 39/08Prior notification of a concentration (Case COMP/M.2596 — RMC/UMA/JV) (1) 16
EN(1) Text with EEA relevance