Official Journal of the European Union

C 122/17

Winding-up proceedings

Decision to make a winding-up order in respect of Hill Insurance Company Limited

(Publication made in accordance with Article 14 of Directive 2001/17/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the reorganisation and winding-up of insurance undertakings  (1) )

2013/C 122/11

Insurance undertaking

Hill Insurance Company Limited

Unit 1A, Ground Floor

Grand Ocean Plaza

Ocean Village


Date, entry into force and nature of the decision

24 January 2013

Entry into force: 24 January 2013

Winding-up Order with appointment of liquidator, permission to disclaim contracts of insurance and reinsurance, and directions for valuation and treatment of consequential claims.

Competent authorities

Supreme Court of Gibraltar

Chancery Jurisdiction

277 Main Street


Supervisory authority

Financial Services Commission

Suite 3, Ground Floor

Atlantic Suites

Europort Avenue

PO Box 940


Liquidator appointed

Joseph Caruana

Deloitte Limited

Merchant House

22/24 John Mackintosh Square


Tel. +350 20041200

Fax +350 20041201

E-mail: jcaruana@deloitte.gi

Applicable law


Companies Act 1930

Insurers (Reorganisation and Winding Up) Act 2004

(1)  OJ L 110, 20.4.2001, p. 35.