Official Journal
of the European Communities

ISSN 0378-6978

L 4
Volume 36
8 January 1993
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Acts whose publication is obligatory


Commission Regulation (EEC) No 10/93 of 7 January 1993 fixing the import levies on cereals and on wheat or rye flour, groats and meal



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 11/93 of 7 January 1993 fixing the premiums to be added to the import levies on cereals, flour and malt



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 12/93 of 7 January 1993 opening invitations to tender for the fixing of aid for the private storage of carcases and half-carcases of lamb



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 13/93 of 7 January 1993 fixing the corrective amount applicable to the refund on cereals



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 14/93 of 7 January 1993 correcting Regulation (EEC) No 3877/92 fixing the rates of the refunds applicable to certain cereal and rice-products exported in the form of goods not covered by Annex II to the Treaty



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 15/93 of 7 January 1993 applying the duty in the Common Customs Tariff to fresh lemons originating in Cyprus



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 16/93 of 7 January 1993 fixing the maximum export refund for white sugar for the 35th partial invitation to tender issued within the framework of the standing invitation to tender provided for in Regulation (EEC) No 920/92



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 17/93 of 7 January 1993 fixing the export refunds on white sugar and raw sugar exported in its unaltered state



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 18/93 of 7 January 1993 fixing the aid for cotton



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 19/93 of 7 January 1993 fixing the export refunds on cereals and on wheat or rye flour, groats and meal



Commission Regulation (EEC) No 20/93 of 7 January 1993 fixing the minimum levies on the importation of olive oil and levies on the importation of other olive oil sector products



II Acts whose publication is not obligatory





Commission Directive 92/105/EEC of 3 December 1992 establishing a degree of standardization for plant passports to be used for the movement of certain plants, plant products or other objects within the Community, and establishing the detailed procedures related to the issuing of such plant passports and the conditions and detailed procedures for their replacement






Commission Decision of 4 December 1992 relating to a proceeding pursuant to Articles 85 of the EEC Treaty IV/32.797 and 32.798 - Lloyd's Underwriters' Association and The Institute of London Underwriters (Only the English text is authentic)






Commission Decision of 9 December 1992 amending Decision 91/426/EEC concerning the time limit for the transmission of certain supporting documents



Acts whose titles are printed in light type are those relating to day-to-day management of agricultural matters, and are generally valid for a limited period.
The titles of all other Acts are printed in bold type and preceded by an asterisk.