Official Journal of the European Union

C 37/22

Order of the President of the Court of First Instance of 22 November 2007 — V v Parliament

(Case T-345/05 R III)

(Application for interim measures - Waiver of immunity of a Member of the European Parliament - Application for suspension of operation - No prima facie case)

(2008/C 37/33)

Language of the case: English


Applicant: V (represented by: J Lofthouse, C Hayes and M Monan, lawyers)

Defendant: European Parliament (represented by: H Krück, D Moore and M Windisch, agents)


Application for re-examination of the applicant's first and second applications for interim measures, dismissed by orders of the President of the Court of First Instance on 16 March 2007 and 27 June 2007 in Case T-345/05 R and T-345/05 R II, V v Parliament, not published in the ECR

Operative part of the order


The application for interim measures is dismissed.


The costs are reserved.