Official Journal of the European Union

C 297/50

Information communicated by the EFTA States regarding State aid granted under the Act referred to in point 1 f of Annex XV of the EEA Agreement (Commission Regulation (EC) No 70/2001 on the application of Articles 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty to State aid to small and medium-sized enterprises)

(2006/C 297/17)

Aid No

Aid to small and medium-sized undertakings 1/2006

EFTA State 



Hordaland, Western Norway

Title of aid scheme or name of company receiving individual aid 

Pilotprosjekt for å utløyse ei bioenerginæring i Hordaland.

(Pilot project to stimulate establishing of a bioenergy sector in the Hordaland region).

Legal basis

Budget decision dated 12.10.2005, Hordaland County Council, (fylkestinget), letter from Hordaland County Council 17.1.2006

Annual expenditure planned under the scheme

Annual overall amount:

EUR 0,25 million in 2006 (NOK 2 million), EUR 0,125 in 2007 (NOK 1 million), EUR 0,125 million in 2008 (NOK 1 million)

Maximum aid intensity

In conformity with Articles 4(2)-(6) and 5 of the Regulation

Date of implementation


Duration of scheme or individual aid award


Objective of aid

Aid to small and medium-sized enterprises

Investment aid and aid to consultancy and other services.

Economic sectors concerned

Limited to specific sectors: other manufacturing (Bioenergy)

Name and address of the granting authority

Osterfjord Næringssamarbeid

N-5282 Lonevåg

Large individual aid grants

In conformity with Article 6 of the Regulation