Official Journal of the European Union

C 77/34

Authorisation of State aid pursuant to Article 61 of the EEA Agreement and Article 1(3) in Part I of Protocol 3 to the Surveillance and Court Agreement

EFTA Surveillance Authority decision not to raise objections

(2007/C 77/10)

Date of adoption:

EFTA State: Norway

Aid No: Case 60971

Title: Prolongation of two schemes to audiovisual production, film related activities and film production companies

Objective: The principal objective of the two schemes is to ensure a desirable volume of films and an adequate promotion of the culture through cinematographic works. Film support mechanisms pursue the objective of creating framework conditions for a stable film production environment.

Legal basis: Regulation on support mechanisms for audiovisual production (Forskrift om tilskudd til audiovisuelle produksjoner) and Regulation on public support for film production companies (Forskrift om tilskudd til produksjonsselskaper).

Budget/Duration: The budget of the two schemes for 2006 is NOK 240,1 million (approximately EUR 29,28 million). Annual budgets for the following years will be subject to annual parliamentary budget procedures. The prolongation of the schemes is until 7 August 2008.

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