Official Journal of the European Union

C 108/57

Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on the ‘proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EC) No. 2320/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing common rules in the field of civil aviation security’

(COM(2003) 566 final - 2003/0222 (COD))

(2004/C 108/10)

On 8 October 2003 the Council of the European Union decided to consult the European Economic and Social Committee, under Article 80 (2) of the Treaty establishing the European Community, on the above-mentioned proposal.

The Section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society, which was responsible for preparing the Committee's work on the subject, adopted its opinion on 8 January 2004. The rapporteur was Mr Simons.

At its 405th plenary session (meeting of 28 and 29 January 2004), the European Economic and Social Committee adopted the following opinion unanimously.


The EESC considers it appropriate to permit the application of equivalent levels of security than those explicitly prescribed in the legislation at airports used only by small aircraft, general aviation or airports used infrequently, on the grounds that investment in expensive security equipment would be inappropriate. The proposal also corrects some minor errors of little substantial importance. The EESC therefore supports the proposal.


Furthermore, it would underline the importance of Article 4, new paragraph 3a) stating that: ‘Each flight originating from a demarcated area of an airport shall indicate this fact to the destination airport in advance of the arrival of the flight’. This information is essential for ensuring appropriate security measures can be taken to receive air passengers and baggage from ‘demarcated’ areas of ‘origin’ airports who are transferring flights or entering a terminal building where there is no physical separation of arriving and departing passengers. The aircraft operator is best placed to provide this information.


Finally, the Committee underlines that the national security measures (as referred to in Article 4, paragraph 3 of Regulation 2320/2002) must be applied to ‘demarcated areas’ and not to individual general aviation flights or individual small aircraft (with less than 10 tonnes of Maximum Take Off Weight or less than 20 seats) which arrive at a destination airport where no ‘demarcated area’ exists.

Brussels, 28 January 2004.

The President

of the European Economic and Social Committee