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OJ L and C series

The L series contains EU legislation, including

In addition, the Directory of Community legislation in force is published as part of the OJ Lseries. This directory lists references to the initial texts and to any subsequent amendments. It also includes references to agreements made and conventions signed by the European Union in the framework of external relations, binding acts under the EU Treaties, complementary acts, such as those of the Council of Ministers and Heads of State or Government, and other non-binding acts which are relevant for the institutions.

The C series contains EU information and notices, including

The CE series currently contains the preparatory acts in the legislative process and is only available in the EUR-Lex database or in the monthly CD-ROM edition.


A daily paper edition online

An off-line edition

The CD-ROM edition offers a convenient archive of information published in the OJ Land C series. It also includes OJ CE material.

The CD-ROM, derived from the EUR-Lex service, is a monthly, cumulative, monolingual edition. It contains the OJ table of contents in HTML format and the OJ contents in PDF format. Via the CD-ROM, you can search for any OJ L, C or CE text published in the year to date, whether stored on the CD-ROM or more recently on the Internet site. The annual collection includes all the OJ issues for a given year.

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