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Authority code Status Concept Date of event Predecessor Successor Comments
ADMN current Administrator 24/07/1952
ADVIS current Advisor 24/07/1952
ADVIS_CHIEF current Chief advisor 24/07/1952
AMB current Ambassador 24/07/1952
AMB_FIRST_SECR current First secretary to the Ambassador 24/07/1952
ASSIST current Assistant 24/07/1952
AUDT current Auditor 24/07/1952
AUDT_GEN current Auditor general 24/07/1952
AUDT_INT current Internal auditor 24/07/1952
COM_MEMB current Member of the Commission 01/12/2009
CONSULT current Consultant 24/07/1952
COORD current Coordinator 24/07/1952
COR_MEMB current 01/12/2009
COUNS current Counselor 24/07/1952
CURIA_JUDG_ADV current 01/12/2009
DIPL current 01/12/2009
DIR current Director 24/07/1952
DIR_DEP current Deputy director 24/07/1952
DIR_GEN_DEP current Deputy director-general 24/07/1952
ECA_MEMB current 01/12/2009
ECB_PRESID current President of the European Central Bank 01/07/1998
EDIT_CHIEF current Editor in chief 24/07/1952
EESC_ADVIS current 01/12/2009
EESC_PRESID current President of the European Economic and Social Committee 01/11/1993
EP_MEMB current 01/12/2009
EP_MP_SUBST current Substitute MEP 30/03/1962
EP_SPEAKER current Speaker of the Parliament 24/07/1952
EUINST current EU institutions and bodies 24/07/1952
EUMS current EU Member States 24/07/1952
EUMS_GOVREP current 01/12/2009
EUROGRO_PRESID current President of the Eurogroup 04/06/1998
EU_LIOF current EU liaison officer 01/12/2009
EU_REPR_HEAD current Head of EU representation 01/12/2009
EXEC_CHIEF current Chief executive 24/07/1952
GROUP_LEADER current Leader of political group 24/07/1952
HEAD_ADMN current Head of administration 24/07/1952
HEAD_CAB current Head of cabinet 24/07/1952
HEAD_COMMU_MEDIA current Head of communication and media 24/07/1952
HEAD_DEL current Head of delegation 24/07/1952
HEAD_DIV current Head of division 24/07/1952
HEAD_SECTOR current Head of sector 24/07/1952
HEAD_SERV current Head of service 24/07/1952
HEAD_UNIT current Head of unit 24/07/1952
HRUFASP current High Representative of the Union 01/12/2009
INDIV current Individual 24/07/1952
INTERNAT_BODIES current International organisations 24/07/1952
JOURNALIST current Journalist 24/07/1952
PRESID_REPUBL current President of the Republic 24/07/1952
PRESID_SUPAUDT current President of the Supreme Audit Office 24/07/1952
PRESS_OFFICER current Press Officer 24/07/1952
SECR current Secretary 24/07/1952
SECR_GEN_DEP current Deputy secretary-general 24/07/1952
SPOKESPRS current Spokesperson 24/07/1952
STAFF current Official of the European Union 01/01/2005
STAFF_LEADNO_ORG current 01/12/2009
STAFF_LEADNO_ORGNO current 01/12/2009
STAFF_LEAD_ORG current 01/12/2009
STAFF_LEAD_ORGNO current 01/12/2009
TEAM_LEADER current Team leader 24/07/1952
THIRD_COUNTRY current Third countries 24/07/1952