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In the context of the Interinstitutional Metadata Maintenance Committee (IMMC) the minimum set of metadata elements, the so-called IMMC Core Metadata, that are to be used in the data exchange related to the legal decision making process between the institutions involved and the Publications Office has been defined. For the optional and institution specific metadata elements an extension set has been defined. The participating institutions have agreed as well on the transmission protocol they will use.

In its meeting of the 8th of July 2011 the Management Committee of the Publications Office of the EU has adopted the IMMC proposal on standardisation of metadata:

IMMC governance procedure

In its plenary meeting of the 15th of October 2015 the Interinstitutional Metadata Maintenance Committee (IMMC) has adopted the latest revised version of its governance procedure:

Technical specifications IMMC Core Metadata exchange protocol


The IMMC documentation of the Core Metadata schema, which applies to all domains, is available for each major version in the following links:

Specific documentation of each domain explaining the way the IMMC protocol is used with its stakeholders, when available, is stored under:{MDR-specific-version}/{IMMC-domain}/documentation/


When no document is available, the documentation of the elements is stored inline the schema using the XML schema specification elements xs:annotation - xs:documentation. The documentation of the authority tables is available at: MDR Schema documentation.