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In order to harmonise and standardise the codes and the associated labels used in the Publications Office and on inter-institutional level in the context of the data exchange between the institutions involved in the legal decision making process, a number of Named Authority Lists (NAL's) have been defined. These NAL's are also known as (Common) Authority Tables (CAT's), controlled vocabularies or value lists.

The following NAL's are maintained in the Metadata Registry:

1. Released versions

2. Under preparation

3. On the EU Open Data Portal

The released NAL versions are available as well as datasets on the European Union Open Data Portal (ODP).

4. Documentation

Documentation of the Common Authority Tables (CATs) is available in the form of the (technical) documentation of the XSD schema that covers all CATs: MDR Schema documentation.

5. Planning

Following publications of authority tables are foreseen in the coming months:

6. MDR NAL publications

The MDR NAL publication packages contain the distributions of the changed NALs (XML, SKOS, ATTO-XML), a comparison file allowing to find the differences between the current version and the previous version, and the release notes listing the changes to the NALs included in the publication: