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Vitajte v Úrade pre publikácie

Úrad pre vydávanie publikácií Európskej únie (Úrad pre publikácie) je medziinštitucionálny úrad, ktorého úlohou je zabezpečiť vydávanie publikácií inštitúcií Európskych spoločenstiev a Európskej únie - 2009/496/ES, Euratom.

Úrad pre publikácie okrem toho ponúka niekoľko online služieb a poskytuje tak zdarma prístup k informáciám o európskej legislatíve ( EUR-Lex ), EÚ publikáciám ( EU Bookshop ), verejnému obstarávaniu ( TED ) a výskumu a vývoju ( CORDIS ).

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Najnovšie správy

> AO 10518 - Computing services — project management assistance, quality control, consultancy services related to CIBA

The purpose of this call for tender is the provision of assistance and consultancy services for CIBA. Final date for receipt of tenders : 30/07/2014

> AO 10607 - Provision of maintenance, evolution and consultancy services for the open data portal

Final date for receipt of tenders : 03/09/2014

> Travelling in Europe 2014-2015

This booklet will tell you everything you need to know about travelling in Europe. (03.07.2014)

> European bathing water quality in 2013

This report can help swimmers and other outdoor enthusiasts find high-quality bathing water across Europe. (03.07.2014)

> European Union agricultural map

Recently published folded map showing the agriculture of the EU with indication of the representative types and crops and livestock. (03.07.2014)

> Employment and social developments in Europe 2013

This year's review offers an in-depth and wide-ranging analysis of key labour market and social challenges facing the EU as it slowly emerges from recession. (03.07.2014)

> European green vehicles initiatives

This booklet presents how the Initiative aims at accelerating research, development and demonstration of technologies allowing the efficient use of clean energies in road transport, and outlines the research and innovation strategy implemented with a view to increasing the energy efficiency of vehicles and alternative powertrains. (03.07.2014)

> Boosting growth and jobs

Effective environmental policy can boost jobs and growth and bring tangible benefits to citizens. (03.07.2014)

> Sustainable development in the European Union

On World Population Day (11 July), this report provides a picture of progress towards the goals and objectives of the EU's sustainable development strategy(SDS)- to continually improve the quality of life and well-being for present and future generations. (03.07.2014)



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