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Vitajte v Úrade pre publikácie

Úrad pre vydávanie publikácií Európskej únie (Úrad pre publikácie) je medziinštitucionálny úrad, ktorého úlohou je zabezpečiť vydávanie publikácií inštitúcií Európskych spoločenstiev a Európskej únie - 2009/496/ES, Euratom.

Úrad pre publikácie okrem toho ponúka niekoľko online služieb a poskytuje tak zdarma prístup k informáciám o európskej legislatíve ( EUR-Lex ), EÚ publikáciám ( EU Bookshop ), verejnému obstarávaniu ( TED ) a výskumu a vývoju ( CORDIS ).

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Najnovšie správy

> AO 10518 - Computing services — project management assistance, quality control, consultancy services related to CIBA

The purpose of this call for tender is the provision of assistance and consultancy services for CIBA. Final date for receipt of tenders : 30/07/2014

> AO 10607 - Provision of maintenance, evolution and consultancy services for the open data portal

Final date for receipt of tenders : 03/09/2014

> Healthy workplaces manage stress

This brochure helps employers, managers, workers and workers’ representatives to recognise and manage stress and psychosocial risks in the workplace. (11.09.2014)

> Juvenes translators

A guide to an open translation contest encouraging learning foreign languages among young people. The contest also raises awareness about translation studies and the ever growing need for translators, not just in the EU institutions but in Europe as a whole. (11.09.2014)

> Buying services everywhere in the EU

A practical guide for consumers who want to make the most of the single market opportunities. It provides nine concrete tips on how to access services in other EU countries. (11.09.2014)

> Population ageing in Europe

This publication focuses on the challenges and opportunities of population ageing in Europe. It looks into how the EU is preparing for advanced population ageing and what type of public policies it should pursue. (11.09.2014)

> Financing schools in Europe

This report provides an outline of funding systems of primary and general secondary education, covering 27 of the 28 EU Member States as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey. (11.09.2014)

> Digital Agenda for Europe

The EU’s Digital Agenda for Europe aims to reboot Europe’s economy and help citizens and businesses to benefit from digital technologies. This publication is part of a series that explains what the EU does in different policy areas. (11.09.2014)

> It started with a thought

This book showcases the new Europol headquarters and at the same time guides the reader through the agency’s history, values and principles. (11.09.2014)



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