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Urząd Publikacji Unii Europejskiej (Urząd Publikacji) jest urzędem międzyinstytucjonalnym odpowiedzialnym za wydawanie publikacji instytucji Wspólnot Europejskich i Unii Europejskiej (UE) - Decyzja2009/496/WE, Euratom.

Ponadto Urząd Publikacji oferuje szereg usług on-line, polegających na bezpłatnym udostępnianiu informacji o prawie UE ( EUR-Lex ), publikacjach UE ( EU Bookshop ), o zamówieniach publicznych w UE ( TED ) oraz o badaniach naukowych i rozwoju w UE ( CORDIS ).

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Najnowsze wiadomości

> AO 10518 - Computing services — project management assistance, quality control, consultancy services related to CIBA

The purpose of this call for tender is the provision of assistance and consultancy services for CIBA. Final date for receipt of tenders : 30/07/2014

> AO 10607 - Provision of maintenance, evolution and consultancy services for the open data portal

Final date for receipt of tenders : 03/09/2014

> Will your city be European Green Capital in 2017?

This booklet provides a platform to share good practice, ideas and activities between cities that want to become a Green Capital in 2017. (29.07.2014)

> Handbook on European data protection law

This handbook provides an overview of the European Union's and the Council of Europe's applicable legal frameworks as far as data protection is concerned. (29.07.2014)

> Therapeutic communities for treating addictions in Europe

This publication explains that now the situation of drug use and drug treatment hs changed considerably regarding the 1960s. (29.07.2014)

> Modernisation of higher education in Europe

This report looks into policies and practices aimed at modernising higher education in Europe by 2020. (29.07.2014)

> Languages and interpreting at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg

This leaflet explains the organisation of simultaneous interpretation at the public hearings of the Court of Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal. (29.07.2014)

> Story of three generations of farmers

An update of a comic book presenting the story of a farming family to mark the 50th anniversary of the common agriculture policy. (29.07.2014)

> Citizens’ dialogues

This book presents photos and quotes from 51 debates held across Europe within the framework of the Citizens' Dialogues initiative. (29.07.2014)



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