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Tervetuloa julkaisutoimiston sivuille

Euroopan unionin julkaisutoimisto (julkaisutoimisto), on toimielinten yhteinen toimisto, jonka tavoitteena on varmistaa Euroopan yhteisöjen ja Euroopan unionin (EU) toimielinten julkaisujen julkaiseminen parhain mahdollisin edellytyksin - Päätös 2009/496/EY, Euratom.

Julkaisutoimisto tarjoaa myös useita verkkopalveluja, joiden avulla voi tutustua maksutta EU:n lainsäädäntöön (EUR-Lex), EU:n julkaisuihin (EU Bookshop), EU:n julkisiin hankintoihin (TED-tietokanta) sekä EU:n tutkimus- ja kehitystoimintaan (CORDIS-tietopalvelu).

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Viimeisimmät uutiset

> Cancer research

This booklet presents the cancer research projects funded and supported by the European Research Council. (09.01.2015)

Available in English.

> The book of Sakharov prize laureates

From Nelson Mandela to Malala Yousafzai, the Sakharov Prize recognises individuals, groups and organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to freedom of thought. (09.01.2015)

Available in all official languages of the EU.

> The EU birds and habitats directives

This booklet presents the birds and habitats directives, which support the safeguarding of valuable species and habitats and maintain the overall health of natural ecosystems. (09.01.2015)

Available in English, French and German.

> Help and advice on your purchases abroad

This booklet presents the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net), which offers practical advice to help you while shopping in another EU country. (09.01.2015)

Available in English, French and German.

> Quality of life in urban and rural Europe

This policy brief from Eurofound explores the differences in quality of life in urban and rural Europe and provides pertinent background information and policy pointers for all actors and interested parties engaged in the current European debate on the future of social policy. (09.01.2015)

Available in English.


> The Africa-European Union Strategic Partnership

Europe's future and Africa's future are closely interlinked. The Joint Africa-EU Strategy adopted at the Lisbon summit in 2007 goes beyond development to tackle issues of common interest. (09.01.2015)

Available in English, French, Portuguese and Arabic.



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