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9.2. Electronic addresses

Information concerning electronic addresses is presented as indicated below.

‘Email:’ (use a colon):
‘Internet:’ (use a colon):

For reasons of harmonisation, the abbreviation URL is no longer used to introduce an electronic address.

We may also indicate electronic addresses without the introductory term, particularly if space is limited:
For internet addresses it is preferable to retain the transfer protocol (http://, https://, ftp://, etc.), particularly for ensuring the correct configuration of links when downloading internet pages.
Internet addresses and punctuation

We attempt to avoid using a full stop or other punctuation at the end of an internet address, to allow for easier copying and pasting into an internet browser address bar. When possible, it is recommended to adapt the text by using brackets around the internet address, such as in the example ‘see the internet (’.

Last updated: 29.8.2019
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