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5.12. Tables

Tables serve to illustrate or explain the text in more detail; it is therefore important to present them as simply and clearly as possible.

Only use abbreviations in box headings or side text if there is insufficient space to spell everything out, and type in upper and lower case, not all capitals.

If one unit is used throughout an entire table, setting can be simplified by indicating the unit once only, in italics and in brackets, ranged right above the top. In English texts, if the unit used for the entire table is EUR 1 million, the abbreviation ‘million EUR’ should be used, not ‘EUR million’, ‘million euro’, or any other form.

For any additional explanations at the foot of tables that are not footnotes, the use of ‘NB’ is recommended:

NB: p.m. = token entry.

Multilingual works or tables

In multilingual works, the various language versions should be given in protocol order, which is based on the mother-tongue spelling (see Section 7.2.1).

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