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5.11. Artistic material (illustrations)

Photographs, drawings, diagrams and graphs

The originals of black and white photographs must be sharp and have good contrast, preferably on white glossy paper so that the half-tones can be reproduced accurately in the printing process. In general, material should be clean and not folded or creased when submitted.


Captions for figures and graphs should always be concise and clear and in no way overwhelm the illustration.


The use of colour should be appropriate to the content and overall presentation of the work. The number of colours used directly affects the amount of work entailed in production coordination and the final cost.

Colour photographs, for example, must be printed on good-quality (coated) paper in order to provide a smooth, firm surface for reproducing the different shades properly.

Drawings (graphs, diagrams, etc.), on the other hand, can be created more easily (without screens). Poorer-quality paper can be used (calendered or glazed).

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