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5.3. Verso of the title page

5.3.1. Components

See also the quick reference guide.

The following items feature on the verso of the title page, in this order:

in a printed publication, the words ‘Printed by [printer] in [country]’ (in English and in italics) and, if appropriate, ecolabel(s) and/or a note relating to the printed paper product (see Section 5.3.2),
if appropriate, the words ‘Manuscript completed in [Month] [Year]’,
if appropriate, the words ‘Revised edition’, ‘Corrected edition’ or ‘[nth] edition’,
at the top of the page, if appropriate, any disclaimers regarding the liability of the author service (legal notice) (see Section 5.4.3),
the place of publication (the seat of the Publications Office), the name of the publisher and the year of publication (within the meaning of Decision 2009/496/EC, Euratom of 26 June 2009, the publisher is the Publications Office of the European Union),
a box concerning Europe Direct,
an information note containing the Europa internet address,
a note on the cataloguing data (see Section 5.4),
copyright details (with any explanation/authorisation on publication reproduction) (see also Sections 5.4.1 and 5.4.2),
if appropriate, copyright relating to illustrations, if this is not indicated directly next to the illustration (see Section 5.4.4),
identifiers (ISBN, DOI, etc.) (see also Section 4.4).
The year of publication is given after the name of the actual publisher in order to distinguish it clearly from the year of copyright (see Section 5.4.1(c)).
Verso of the title page
1. Information relating to the printed paper product
2. Manuscript/edition information
3. Legal notice (author)
4. Place and year of publication, actual publisher
6. Identifiers
Verso of the title page
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