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5.2. Title page

The title page features:

the editor (see Section 4.4.1),
the title of the work and, if applicable, the subtitle (see Section 5.1.1),
the number of the edition (new edition or reprint) and/or the year,
the seat of the editor (this must be indicated for each editor according to the relevant treaty or protocol),
the author’s name (see Section 5.1.1),
The title of a directorate-general may appear on the title page, but not on the front cover.
the volume number if the work is in several volumes (see Section 5.1.1),
the title of the collection or series and the serial number if applicable.

New editions and reprints

If a publication undergoes major changes to its text or typography, a new edition must be published (and the number of the edition indicated).

In the case of a simple reprint, the dates of the various reprints may be given.

Title page
(the year or period covered must form part of the title for an annual report or a study bearing on a given period)
Seat of the editor
Example of a title page layout
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