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3.2.4. References to amendments to an act

Footnotes in the Official Journal no longer include the last modification of an act, but limit themselves to the OJ reference of the act in its initial version. The acts referred to in the texts published in the OJ are understood to be the acts in their version in force. The expressions ‘as (last) amended by’, ‘corrected by’ and ‘repealed by’ are no longer used.

Occasionally, however, the author may wish to refer to a specific text as it stands on a specific date or to stress an amending act in particular. In this case, the amending act is cited as a ‘static reference’ in its short form and with a footnote reference if it is cited for the first time:

Annex III B to Regulation (EC) No 517/94 as amended by Commission Regulation (EC) No 1398/2007 (5) was …


Commission Regulation (EC) No 1398/2007 of 28 November 2007 amending Annexes II, III B and VI to Council Regulation (EC) No 517/94 on common rules for imports of textile products from certain third countries not covered by bilateral agreements, protocols or other arrangements, or by other specific Community import rules (OJ L 311, 29.11.2007, p. 5).
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