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1.3.2. Numbering of documents

Notice number

The titles of documents published in the C series are assigned a notice number by the Publications Office. The number consists of:

the year of publication:
since 1 January 1999, all four digits,
up to 31 December 1998, the last two digits,
the Official Journal number,
a number indicating the order of publication in the Official Journal.
98/C 45/01
2010/C 2/08

This number is placed under the title, centred and between brackets. In the table of contents this number appears in the left-hand margin, without brackets.

Special numbering

Certain documents contain their own numbering in the title:

positions of the Council under the ordinary legislative procedure:
Position (EU) No 11/2010 of the Council at first reading
Under the codecision procedure, there used to be ‘Common Positions of the Council’:
Common Position (EC) No 14/2005 of the Council
State aid:
State Aid C 32/09
Take care with numbering: C 55/99, C 55/2000 (four digits for the year 2000), C 55/01 etc.
cases of the Court of Justice, of the General Court and of the Civil Service Tribunal:
Case C-187/10 (Court of Justice)
Case T-211/10 (General Court — since 15 November 1989)
Case F-29/10 (Civil Service Tribunal — since 23 July 2005)
before 15 November 1989 (solely for the Court of Justice): Case 84/81
The Civil Service Tribunal, established in 2004, ceased to operate on 1 September 2016 after its jurisdiction was transferred to the General Court.
opinions of the Court of Auditors:
Opinion No 1/2010
cases of the EFTA Court:
Case E-5/10
notices of open competitions (C … A series):
vacancy notices:
Decisions of the Administrative Commission for the coordination of social security systems:
Decision No A1 of 12 June 2009 concerning the establishment of a dialogue and conciliation procedure concerning the validity of documents, the determination of the applicable legislation and the provision of benefits under Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council
amending budgets of the agencies:
Statement of revenue and expenditure of the European Medicines Agency for the financial year 2010 — Amending Budget No 1
calls for proposals:
Call for proposals IX-2011/01 — ‘Grants to political parties at European level’
Until 24 July 2002 (expiry date of the ECSC Treaty), there were ‘assents’ of the Council:
Assent No 22/96
Assent No 6/2002
Last updated: 1.9.2016
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