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Notice (5.2.2009)

SUBJECT: the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (Publications Office) is the publishing house of the European Union (EU). It is an interinstitutional body, established by Decision 69/13/Euratom, ECSC, EEC of 16 January 1969 establishing the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (OJ L 13, 18.1.1969), repealed and replaced by Decision 2000/459/EC, ECSC, Euratom of the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission, the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions of 20 July 2000 on the organisation and operation of the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (OJ L 183, 22.7.2000. p. 12), and has the task to publish the publications of the institutions of the European Communities and their departments, operating under the responsibility of those institutions.

The Interinstitutional style guide was published for the first time in 1997. It is intended to serve, in all the institutions, as a reference tool for written works. It contains uniform stylistic rules and conventions which must be used by all the institutions, bodies and agencies of the European Union. Its development required the establishment of an interinstitutional steering committee, which designated representatives for each institution and for each language. This committee works with a coordinating group based at the Publications Office. This drafting code is the result of their work. To harmonise sometimes divergent practices, taking into account the fact that the institutions are multilingual, texts in all official languages have to be comparable while, at the same time, the specific character of each language has to be kept. On the basis of interinstitutional agreements, the Publications Office undertakes to make available to all users of the Interinstitutional style guide website ( the instructions and information adopted.

With regard to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, a written form was provisionally established in 2004, in consultation with the Council and the European Commission Directorate-General for Enlargement. The proposition of this provisional written form was submitted to the relevant services. In the absence of a decision on the matter, the entries concerning this subject have been withdrawn from the style guide and replaced by the phrase ‘to be defined’.

IMPORTANT!!! The Office does not prejudge in any manner the practices adopted by the international bodies.

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