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As a publisher, the Publications Office has a duty to offer the highest-quality service to its customers — the originating departments of the institutions and other bodies of the European Union — and to its public — the citizens of the European Union and people throughout the world who are interested in European affairs. In the field of new technologies, the Publications Office must place itself at the forefront of the publishing profession.

Under the provisions of the Treaties, the publication of certain titles, such as the Official Journal of the European Union or the General Report on the Activities of the European Union, is a legal obligation. Other titles are regarded as essential for the development of the Union and its policies, while some publications are intended as information channels for the general public or specific professional circles.

The Publications Office publishes the Official Journal daily in the 24 official languages of the European Union — a unique phenomenon in the publishing world.

With the aim of bringing the Union closer to its citizens, the Publications Office cooperates on a continuous basis with the EU institutions, agencies and bodies to further enhance the transparency of the legislative process and of European policies and to facilitate access to the entire body of European legislation and information published in the L (legislation), C (information and notices) and S (public procurement) series of the Official Journal and on the related EUR-Lex and TED websites.

The Internet has had a major impact in terms of boosting the dissemination of EU information, the use of electronic media having become commonplace.

EU publications produced by or via the Publications Office are catalogued, indexed and archived with a view to their distribution via the EU Bookshop service. EU Bookshop provides a single access point to the publications of the European Union institutions, agencies and other bodies. It gives immediate access to the content of the publications through a comprehensive bibliographic notice, while recent publications in PDF format may be downloaded free of charge.

CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service, is an interactive information platform that keeps users up to date with the latest news, progress and initiatives in European innovation, research and development. The number of pages accessed in CORDIS (56 million) has more than doubled since 1999.

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